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So as you can see I’ve chosen to add a blog to my new website, I hope you like it. In this first blog I will introduce myself and answer some frequently asked questions!

Photo: Karlijn Goudriaan Photography (Wildflowers by KG)

Whats the story behind starting your business?
During my Arts and Economics degree I studied in Sweden (MalmΓΆ University) for a semester. Being away from home allowed me to be in a completely different headspace and think about what I really wanted in life. Which was: doing more with my creativity. My degree trained me to be an arts manager, which meant I would manage creatives rather than being the creative myself. I didn’t really like that, so I decided to be the creative myself and start my own business.

I started off being more intentional with my creativity by journaling and drawing about my semester abroad.
Closer to finishing the semester and moving back to the Netherlands I started designing my own clothes. To eventually come home to my sewing machine and actually make the very thing I had been thinking about.

After a little while of sewing I got more and more interested in creating my own fabric rather than actually sewing with it. I started looking into designing my own fabrics. This developed in a journey where I got more and more interested in illustration and design. Which eventually developed in my business where I still do a variety of creative things such as branding, illustration and custom artworks.

The early days with ‘sunflower’ outfits + my good friend Bec
Some more, I loved crazy patterns πŸ™‚ And still do haha.

Why did you move to Australia?
Remember I told you I was studying in Sweden? That’s where I met Rebekah (the one on the photo with the sunflower top). When I met her I’d only been single again for a little bit. Jokingly she told me ‘that I should meet her cousin’. I didn’t really do much with that advice then, but when I visited Bek and her family 1,5 year later I decided to travel around for 3 months and see some more of Australia. I ended my trip in Byron Bay, where I met ‘the cousin’. 3 days in, we fell in love, and the rest is history. Pretty cute hey πŸ˜‰

There’s more to the story but I might tell you that later.

We’ve lived in both Australia and the Netherlands, but for the moment Australia is the most practical (and also it’s pretty dreamy).

Do you still take on jobs from the Netherlands, and how does that work?
My business started in the Netherlands since that’s where I am originally from. Because it has had so many Dutch clients over the years I still get a big percentage of requests from the Netherlands. Which is so wonderful! Working from a distance is really easy and it doesn’t seem to be a hurdle for clients either. Everything happens through e-mails these days anyway. So a request comes in through e-mail and I organise a Skype call, or we just keep e-mailing back and forth until the brief is clear. Often we use pictures from Pinterest or from my earlier work to clarify the look we’re after. Payments can still be made into a Dutch bank account and final designs will be sent through by e-mail or will be personally sent to the printer by me and delivered to your door! What is this 21st century?! Crazy!

How do you built your art business?
Building my art business has been trial and error. I think the most important part is having fun in the midst of figuring out. Look for opportunities, see if you can design something for family to built your portfolio. Present yourself well, take good photos, only share photos that are worth sharing. Tell a story with your brand, be yourself and show what you do. Is there any photographers, website builders or graphic designers in your family or friendship group? See if you can trade something and built up your business this way. Once you get more budget make sure to keep refreshing and stay with the time. There’s probably much more I can say but this is it for now πŸ™‚ Feel free to ask questions.

Who are some of your dream clients?
So many! Here are some:
Halycon Nights, Gorman, Frankie, Anthropologie, Lunch Lady and any kinds of sustainable skin care brands, fashion brands, lifestyle brands etc. Next to big clients I also love working for individuals that are chasing their dreams and needing some beautiful design.

Please get in contact with me if you do have an enquiry.
If you have any other questions or want to leave a comment, please do! πŸ™‚

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