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Hey there, tell me who you are and tell me a little bit more about your wedding.
Jeremy and I have known each other since about year 8. Our churches were friends and always had joint youth groups and camps. We were friends for about 7 years before we ventured outside of the friend zone. It has been so easy dating such a good friend, within weeks we felt as if we’d been together forever. We got engaged in April over easter and are getting married in December, we cannot wait to start our lives together. We’re getting married at my parent’s property (Toolangi Heights) it is about an hour outside Melbourne, we’re so excited to have our wedding at such a special place. Having it at my parent’s house does require a bit more work but it has meant we can spend the money in funner ways (like on our invites) instead of an expensive venue.

Tell me your thoughts on wedding invites.. (have you always found them important, have you always know what you wanted)
Well we LOVE our wedding invites and it is something we both saw as important as it is the first impression and sets the tone of the day for our guests. It gives our guests a glimpse of what to expect and helps to build anticipation for the day.

Why did you choose Sunflower Sunshine to design your invite?
Like a lot of people who have a feeling that their significant other may propose soon, I had been looking on Instagram for everything wedding related and I really loved the idea of a custom illustration. I showed Jeremy Sunflower Sunshine’s Instagram and we both loved her work – this was before we were engaged… So when we did get engaged we already knew who would do our invites. We went to Byron a few days after we got engaged and met up with Nanda, she was the first vendor we locked in. It was a very easy decision for us and we could not be happier with how they turned out!

How did you enjoy the process of working together with Sunflower Sunshine?
Nanda was awesome to work with and very good at incorporating our feedback. She is also very talented!! What did you imagine your invite to look like, and what is it like compared to the end result? We had a rough idea of what I wanted it to look like, but Nanda helped provide us with inspiration and guided us in developing our ideas. We think Nanda nailed it, we are very happy with the outcome.

Why did you choose the design that you chose?
We loved the previous invites that Nanda had done and that inspired our design choices, we really wanted a custom illustration of ourselves so that was the centrepiece, we love native flowers and they’re what we are having on the day so it made sense to include them. We very much wanted our personality to come out in the invites and I very much think we achieved that!

What would be your tips to future brides when it comes to invites?
I think what makes them the most special is when you put your personality into it, and that is what you get with a custom design. For us it was totally worth it.

Last but not least… what’s your best tip when it comes to love and relationship … ?
I don’t think I am the best at giving advice on this, Jeremy and I are some of the lucky ones who have been friends for ages and then when we started we started dating we knew it’d be forever (if you ask Jeremy he will say that he thought that for years before). We are best friends and I just think our friendship has provided us such a great foundation and I think friendship is important for any relationship (I know this very cliché, but also very true).

Are you looking for invites with a personal touch? Don’t hesitate to get in contact with me! I am also offering a 10% discount on the standard personal portrait wedding invites in my webshop. Use the code ‘newwebsite’ to receive 10% of until Wednesday the 17th of October 2019. If however you are looking for an even more special touch such as these Australian natives or other fun quirks, please get in contact with me.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think about these invites.


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