Our wedding

Already almost 2 months ago we were lucky enough to celebrate our love during our wedding, just before covid-19. Our Dutch photographer Vivianna from Vivre Fotografie was so kind to come over and leave us with incredible photos from our day. Here are some of them.

Of course I designed my own invite 🙂

As well as the handpainted name cards & signs

I found my dress in a small vintage bridal shop in the Netherlands called ‘Japon Vintage Trouwjurken‘. It needed some adjustments as it was a size 38 (size 12 in AU). Adjusting it was pretty tricky with all the little beads but luckily I found a lady that was specialized in vintage wedding dresses. If you need her number just DM me on instagram!

Amos his suit is from the Australian suitshop M.J. Bale.

My beautiful bridesmaids and my flowers from Bunch.co. Personally I can’t get enough of these colours!! Yum.

Thanks for having a sneak peek at some of our wedding photos. It was hard to make a selection! 

Let’s pray that weddings will continue soon enough and if you need something special for your day, you know where to find me. 


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