Artwork that gives you a good gut feeling is the kind of artwork you are going to love for the rest of your life.

Making art is something that is so special and close to my heart. The best pieces are created when I long for beauty and decide to create it myself. I am aware of trends but don't try to follow them for the sake of sales.

When I create art I am at peace,just me, surrounded by colours. If this art then finds your heart,
I think the circle is complete.

I am so grateful that I get to do what I love most.

To get an idea of my artwork and
my commission prices,
please see below.

What other people said about my artworks 

"We commissioned Nanda to make a piece for our eldest daughter Imogen (9)"
- Georgina and Mike

"I love the colours and the texture. Nanda you are amazing!"
 - Imogen

"We commissioned Nanda for my parents' 35th wedding anniversary. When we handed them their gift, they were literally speechless and that never happens! Thanks so much for your beautiful work and the quick turnaround! We are all very happy
with it."
- Anouk and Milou

"I think that Nanda really brought my poem to the next level, and now it seems just so much more accessible to people that love beauty or people who are super visual. To be honest I have a print on my wall and whenever I see it I think the art just adds so much to the words!!"

- Lauren Smith


We used it before the hipsters did.



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