Your story deserves a canvas

Making art is something that is so special and close to my heart. The best pieces are created when I urge for beauty and decide to create it myself. I am aware of trends but don't try to follow them for the sake of sales. The best art is created when I search for peace and find it within a quiet moment, just me, surrounded by colours. If this art, then find your heart, I think the circle is complete. And I am left just so utterly grateful that I get to do what I love most. To get an idea of my recent commission prices, please see below.

(no larger than 60 x 70 cm)
 220 $ AUD /  130 EURO

(no larger than 100 x 100 cm) 
$300 AUD / 265 EURO

( All sizes above 100 cm width or height)
$600 AUD / 367 EURO 

All commissions request a 50% non-refundable commission.

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