I am obsessed with pictures of books. I know… weird intro to an art page.
But you know what, I’m obsessed with the fact that there’s been a writer that’s been thinking out this story for you and me.
Days and days go by to put letter to paper, for you to eventually read, and keep being inspired by.

It is the same with art.

I want to create something for you that you resonate with.
A representation of a story lived.
Perhaps a burden overcome, a victory to celebrate.

Painting for me is not just some colour on canvas, it is a heartfelt process.
If you’re ready to dive deep, so am I!

To get an idea about prices, see below.

(no larger than 60 x 70 cm)
 150 $ AUD / 105 EURO

(no larger than 100 x 100 cm) 
$300 AUD / 265 EURO

( All sizes above 100 cm width or height)
$600 AUD / 367 EURO


All commissions request a 50% non-refundable commission.
Worldwide shipping is free.

Inquire about a commission!
(DON'T WORRY you're not committing to anything yet!)

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