Are you are simply done with DIY looking design?
Or just ready to have it all look right from the start?

Struggling to create a brand that feels personal but also looks professional?

We create intentional brands, rooted in purpose, built to last. 

My clients tell me that branding has been the success factor in their business. Its helped them to be taken seriously and has allowed them to work with big names in their industry. Important connections come from leaving a memorable impression and I want the same for you.

As a creative designer I am foremost invested in your long-lasting success as a business owner. I want to see your business flourish and thrive through meaningful design that best expresses you. Design isn't just about aesthetics but about building relationship with your dream client.

Branding is a valuable investment to make your vision - visual. 

Branding can include: 

+ Branding questionnaire and
1:1 strategy call

+ Moodboard

+ Logo suite
(primary and sub logo
+ variants)

+ Colour palette

+ Font selectionS

+ Social media templates

+ Brand art & illustrations

+ Brand guide

+ Showit website


Branding packages start
at 1995 AUD

1290 euro / 1694 USD

Quote on request

the process

Week 1/2 - BRAND introduction

 Week 2/3 - visualisation

 Week 3/4 - CREATION

 Week 5/6 - Launch your brand

Now you sit back and let me create! All designs start with a blank canvas and I will play with colours and shapes to find the ultimate design for your brand. I’ll come up with two different directions for you to choose from, and you can give more feedback further along the process.

To really get to know your brand I'll ask you to fill in a branding questionnaire and create a Pinterest board with inspiration. During our 1h strategy call we discuss your answers and inspiration and create new vision for your brand. I am excited to dream about the potential of your brand!

Once you’re happy with your new look, it’s time to take off!! I’ll send you a package with all your files and provide you with a guide on how to use them. 

After our extensive strategy call I'll create a moodboard for the direction of your brand, based on your vision and my brand expertise. I'll await your tick of our approval on the moodboard before I officially start off the design process.

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Before we work together I want to make that we feel like we have a connection with each other. Let's get to know each other!


We are a good match if...

You understand the value and time that goes into good and meaningful design

You are ready to replace your DIY-design with professional design that speaks of your message.

You are driven by purpose and not primarly by money-making.




You feel ready to collaborate with someone you connect to. 


Get started working on getting to know the heart of your brand, for free!


It's okay if you are new to terms like 'branding' and 'strategy'. I'll answer some of your questions below and if there is anything else that you don't understand, don't be afraid and please ask me!

Frequently Asked Questions


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