Eager People brings motivated people together. 
Eager People gives personal attention to employers and employees and
 loves to seem them grow. With personal attention being an important factor they reached out to me to create postcard designs that they could send out to the people they are working with. 

I started with creating a few postcard designs and we have added more along the line over the last couple of years. In designing the postcards I kept in mind the brand, mission and vision of Eager People.

Postcard designs job agency Eager People

Dennis about working with Sunflower Sunshine

One of our most important strength and starting point is that we give our relations a lot of personal attention. This to gain and build trust and to adjust our services to the individual needs of our client. That’s why we hired Nanda to design a custom set of postcards for Eager People. This set of cards is suitable with all of our services and completely in line with our branding. This way we can surprise our clients in a nice and original way. The final result was perfect and completely in line with our branding and business culture. We showed Nanda our wishes and desires within certain boundaries. Within those boundaries Nanda put in all of her creativity and made the cards suiting to our business look and feel. Nanda knows and feels exactly what you want to communicate to your clients and in what way this message can be voiced best in an illustration. She’s great!

- Dennis, Eager People


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