- Merith, the Dance Part


With my art business it is difficult at times to find out what the next step is and what I can improve. My conversation with Nanda helped me to look at things from another perspective. She had many good ideas on creativity, marketing and finance. 

I would definitely recommend reaching out to Nanda if you're looking for another creative to talk about your plans and the struggles you're facing - it is very helpful and she is able to assist in many practical ways.

- Claire, Rose Island

I would recommend doing this session! It helped me a lot and and super accomodating to my budget. I would recommend it because Nanda listens with care and attention to your needs and what is hindering you. I have new energy and inspiration to work on my business. Another advantage is that you creative insight and a love for art and creating, next to the fact that you have knowledge about branding and strategy.

- Anne, Happy Mail Anne

A mentor session with Nanda was exactly what I needed. It helped me so much! I didn’t know what I could expect, but the things I recognised myself in the things that Nanda shared on social media. I didn’t know Nanda, ut I actually really liked that. She looked at my business with fresh eyes and saw things that other people around me wouldn’t notice. She knows how to explain things super practical and clear. I have learned how to get back to the core of my business and how I communicate this to others. She also shared a lot of tips on what I can share on social media. 

See it as a boost for your business, you won’t regret it!


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