This has helped me be so confident and proud about going into the scary world of business, truly from your help for making it be beautiful!"

- Alison from @wholeness.ot
Occupational Therapist


"You encouraged me to be a little bit more creative in terms of social media presence and not just business development. You defined my brand and gave it the life and online presence it deserves."

- Nicola from
Small Australian business in Craft Kits for Kids

 I would definitely recommend working with her. Nanda also gave me valuable tips on marketing that have opened a lot of doors."

- @jessicabretherton
Fine Art artist and illustrator

more focus and clarity 

less anxiety and overwhelm

really getting in contact with your ideal client

learning to use your branding well

knowing how you can slow down whilst your business grows

Are you ready?


We used it before the hipsters did.



Infinite battery life, no loading time, no data fees.



Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?



Are you ready?

...You have an open mindset and are willing to get the best out of yourself
- You are willing to go back to the basics of your business

...You somehow feel a connection with me as a person

...You are ready to make small steps towards greater success.

...You see instagram as an important tool for marketing and you want to learn more about how to use it well to attract clients.

...You are currently experiencing anxiety and/or overwhelm in running your business and need a way out 

The sessions are for you if...

...Business is all about money for you; I find it important that you mostly have a passion for what you do!

...You are not ready to step out of your comfort zone

...You believe in a quick fix - all good things take time but I help you take a massive step forward!

...You aren’t willing to change. No you don’t need to become a different person, in fact I want you to be 100% yourself. But it does sometimes take mindset shifts in order to move forward, I want you to be open to developing yourself to your best potential. 

We might NOT be a good fit if...


Experience more peace and less overwhelm 

You know what to do when experiencing a little bit of overhelm again (it never really goes away, sorry!)

Feel proud & confident about running your business 

Know what to work on towards upscaling your business

After the sessions you...


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